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About CarLeaseTakeOver.ca – Take Over A Lease

Who We are?

Here is the story of this web site: I was looking for car lease takeover in last couple of years for my self and my wife.

I was looking for cars in Kijiji or other websites to find a lease takeover, after a while I realized there is a need for a user friendly web site just focused on the car lease takeover.

I am a computer programmer (here is my Linkedin ) and all my career I was doing software programming for other people, so I thought it is time to build a web site to help people find someone to takeover their car lease. I built this web site and I am going to spend more time on it. I am open to any comments.

I hope you can find your next car in CarLeaseTakeOver.ca or you can find someone here to take over your car lease.

On CarLeaseTakeOver.ca Listing a Car for Lease is FREE

You can list your first car FREE. We charge $19.99 for any additional car that you want to list on CarLeaseTakeOver.ca.

Moreover, you can purchase the “Top Ad” feature ($9.99) to have your ad shown in the “Top Ad” section and regular listing pages. It will increase your chance to find someone to take over your lease.

It’s Free to Browse Listings

Want to search for a lease to take over? It’s free to set up an account on CarLeaseTakeOver.ca!

Our signup process is fast and easy. In under a minute, you can start searching for the perfect car for you to take over the lease.

Want to Get Rid of Your Leased Car?

First, you need to post your car on CarLeaseTakeOver.ca. We always recommend a cash incentive to encourage people to take over your lease.

People will see your car in the post and will contact you about the details.

After you find someone who is interested, contact the leasing company to start the paper work.

Want to Take Over a Lease?

Search CarLeaseTakeOver.ca based on your location to find your favourite car.

Contact the seller and make an appointment to see the car.

Once you are sure you have found your dream car, contact the finance company to start the paper work.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Finding Someone to Take over My Lease?

Provide a greater cash incentive. Offer to pay all transfer fees. We recommend at least one month payment as a cash incentive.

  • Add your phone number to the ad. People who are interested can call you.
  • Reply to emails as soon as possible.
  • Add more pictures.

Why Is Taking over a Lease Good for Me?

  • You will have a short-term lease without any long-term commitment. You can even find a car to take over for three months!
  • You will have lower monthly payments if the owner already made a down payment.
  • You will take advantage of someone else’s down payment.
  • The seller's cash incentives will save your money.
  • You can drive an almost new car while you are saving money!

If you require the assistance of our customer support team, contact us.